Glorianna approves of this video:


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Help disabled cartoonist Larime Taylor

Larime Taylor is the fantastic cartoonist behind Top Cow Comics' "A Voice In the Dark". He and his wife are both severely disabled, and living on a shoestring budget. Being able to relocate from California to Las Vegas would make a big difference in their lives (closer to relatives who can help out, much cheaper cost of living). But moving costs money. Please help spread the word, and chip in if you can:


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Top ten firearms mistakes in fiction

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David A. Trampier, RIP


Just got word that Dungeons & Dragons artist David A. Trampier has passed away. His work was all over the classic 1st edition AD&D books, including the iconic Players Handbook cover. Besides his flair for dramatic illustration, he was a hell of a cartoonist; his "Wormy" strip (which ran for years in Dragon Magazine) was a brilliant mix of fantasy, gaming, and meta-humor that was way ahead of its time. As a young gamer and aspiring artist, Trampier's work was a real inspiration. Rest in Peace, "DAT".

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This is a generic brand video

If you've seen one tv ad, you've seen them all:


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