Top ten firearms mistakes in fiction

posted by JKCarrier @ 4th Apr 2014, 11:40 PM

David A. Trampier, RIP

Just got word that Dungeons & Dragons artist David A. Trampier has passed away. His work was all over the classic 1st edition AD&D books, including the iconic Players Handbook cover. Besides his flair for dramatic illustration, he was a hell of a cartoonist; his "Wormy" strip (which ran for years in Dragon Magazine) was a brilliant mix of fantasy, gaming, and meta-humor that was way ahead of its time. As a young gamer and aspiring artist, Trampier's work was a real inspiration. Rest in Peace, "DAT".

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This is a generic brand video

If you've seen one tv ad, you've seen them all:

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Perry Lake's "Vampire Wars"

My old pal Perry Lake (who wrote the Glorianna story Love and Death) has a new horror novel out, "Vampire Wars: The Legend of Dracula". Check it out!

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Analyzing Eisner

Artist Steve Lieber examines one of Will Eisner's classic SPIRIT strips. A great lesson in storytelling:

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